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NetInterface Consulting has a radical theory when it comes to site design...

Simple Sells

Simple Sites download faster and are easier to navigate. How long are you willing to wait for a home page to download? Thirty seconds? One minute? While many corporations may be speeding along on T1 or faster backbones, the average web user, your customer, is still using a 14.4 or 28.8 modem. To satisfy these users, your web page needs to download quickly. NetInterface Consulting realizes the importance of interesting, informative graphics, but we have the experience it takes to develop compact graphical images that enhance your site without seriously impacting performance.

A Roadmap to Success

There is one more component to a successful web site - the ability to locate the site easily. No matter how fast your site may download, no one will appreciate it if they can't find it. While print and classic media advertising help spread the word, there is a lot more to having a well connected site than simply registering with the popular search engines. NetInterface Consulting can provide the expertise you need to make sure your customers and prospects can locate your site with just a few clicks.

Contact us and we'll work together to make a Simple, Successful Site for you.


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