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Today's web sites are no longer simple electronic brochures. To compete on the Internet today, you need a dynamic, interactive web site that delivers valuable, pertinent information to its visitors. The way to achieve this is through database connectivity. Databases enable you to track customers, inventory, orders, designs, and cash flow. Incorporating a database into your web site insures that your customers will find the information they need quickly and easily.

The database team at NetInterface Consulting consists of engineers with backgrounds in enterprise data management for mechanical engineering departments, and business application development for support and development organizations.

Trained in Oracle and Microsoft courses, we routinely develop PL/SQL and SQL reports, procedures, and functions for existing databases. We have experience with popular database tools including MS Access, SQL Server 6.x and 7, Alpha Software's WebFiler, and Oracle 7 and 8. We can develop C-Shell scripts to automate support center issue tracking via FTP and email. And our true strength lies in application development for customers using Scopus Technology's suite of support and development tracking software.

Whether you are implementing a new database, generating reports, or migrating to a web-enabled or web-centric system, contact NetInterface to discuss how our team can help with development and maintenance.


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